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I'm Just Wild About Harry

Slam Stewart

Fish Scales

Date of recording

13.3.1975, Paris

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Slam Stewart (bass, vocals)

21.9.1914Englewood, New Jersey (NJ), United States

† 10.12.1987Binghamton, New York (NY), United States

Johnny Guarnieri (piano)

23.3.1917New York City, New York (NY), United States

† 7.1.1985Livingston, New Jersey (NJ), United States

Jimmy Shirley (guitar)

31.5.1913Union, South Carolina (SC), United States

† 10.12.1989Harlem, New York (NY), United States

Jackie Williams (drums)

2.1.1933Harlem, New York (NY), United States


Eubie Blake

7.2.1883Baltimore, Maryland (MD), United States

† 12.2.1983Brooklyn, New York (NY), United States

Noble Sissle

10.7.1880Indianapolis, Indiana (IN), United States

† 17.12.1975Tampa, Florida (FL), United States

Album information

Fish Scales

Slam Stewart

Fish Scales

Year of production


Record Label

Black & Blue Sarl


  • 1. I Want To Be Happy
  • 2. The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else
  • 3. Fish Scales
  • 4. At Sundown
  • 5. Memories Of You
  • 6. Bye Bye Blackbird
  • 7. Undecided
  • 8. Sleep
  • 9. Runnin' Wild
  • 10. Saint James Infirmary
  • 11. I'm Just Wild About Harry
  • 12. Fish Scales
  • 13. Undecided
  • 14. Bye Bye Blackbird