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I Ain't Got Nobody

Larry Vuckovich Trio

Street Scene

Date of recording

20.9.2005, Berkeley/CA

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Larry Vuckovich (Soloist) (piano)

8.12.1936Kotor, Montenegro

Larry Grenadier (Double Bass)

6.2.1966San Francisco, California (CA), United States

Akira Tana (drums)

14.3.1952San Jose, California (CA), United States

Hector Lugo (conga)


Spencer Williams

14.10.1889New Orleans, Louisiana (LA), United States

† 14.7.1965Flushing, New York (NY), United States

Roger Graham

12.6.1885Providence, Rhode Island (RI), United States

† 25.10.1938Chicago, Illinois (IL), United States

Album information

Street Scene

Larry Vuckovich Trio

Street Scene

Year of production


Record Label

Tetrachord Music


  • 1. Dexter's Mode
  • 2. Street Scene
  • 3. News For Lulu
  • 4. As Time Goes By Mambo
  • 5. I'll Wait And Pray
  • 6. I Ain't Got Nobody
  • 7. Blue In Green
  • 8. Come Rain Or Come Shine
  • 9. Oh, You Crazy Moon
  • 10. Blue Bohemia Suite
  • 11. Scandinavian Waltz
  • 12. It Could Happen To You
  • 13. Under Paris Skies Impressions