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I Cried For You

P.J. Perry

Worth Waiting For

Date of recording

December 1990, Edmonton/CDN

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P. J. Perry (Soloist) (alto sax)

2.12.1941Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Kenny Barron (piano)

9.6.1943Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), United States

Chuck Deardorf (Double Bass)


† 9.10.2022

Victor Lewis (drums)

20.5.1950Omaha, Nebraska (NE), United States


Gus Arnheim

11.9.1897Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), United States

† 19.1.1955Los Angeles, California (CA), United States

Arthur Freed

9.9.1894Charleston, South Carolina (SC), United States

† 12.4.1973Los Angeles, California (CA), United States

Abe Lyman

4.8.1897Chicago, Illinois (IL), United States

† 23.10.1957Beverly Hills, California (CA), United States

Album information

Worth Waiting For

P.J. Perry

Worth Waiting For

Year of production


Record Label

Justin Time


  • 1. I Cried For You
  • 2. Stardust
  • 3. You'd Be So Easy to Love
  • 4. Blue And Sentimental
  • 5. Poor Butterfly
  • 6. Blue Daniel
  • 7. Star Crossed Lovers
  • 8. Namely You
  • 9. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  • 10. My Old Flame
  • 11. Dig
  • 12. Everytime Time We Say Goodbye
  • 13. My Ideal
  • 14. Never Let Me Go