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There Is No Greater Love

Victor Feldman

The Arrival Of...

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21.1.1958, Los Angeles/CA

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Victor Feldman (Soloist) (vibes, piano)

7.4.1934Edgware, Middlesex, United Kingdom

† 12.5.1987Los Angeles, California (CA), United States

Scott LaFaro (Double Bass)

3.4.1936Newark, New Jersey (NJ), United States

† 6.7.1961Flint, New York (NY), United States

Stan Levey (drums)

5.4.1926Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), United States

† 19.4.2005Los Angeles, California (CA), United States


Isham Jones (Composer)

31.1.1894Coalton, Ohio (OH), United States

† 19.10.1956Hollywood, California (CA), United States

Marty Symes (Text author)

30.4.1904Brooklyn, New York (NY), United States

† 13.6.1953Forest Hills, New York (NY), United States

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The Arrival Of...

Victor Feldman

The Arrival Of...

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Original Jazz Classics


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  • 2. Waltz
  • 3. Chasing Shadows
  • 4. Flamingo
  • 5. S'posin'
  • 6. Bebop
  • 7. There Is No Greater Love
  • 8. Too Blue
  • 9. Minor Lament
  • 10. Satin Doll