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Can't We Be Friends

Nancy Harrow & the Buck Clayton's Jazz Stars

Can't We Be Friends


Interpreti Nancy Harrow (vocals)
Buck Clayton's Jazz Stars
Buck Clayton (trumpet)
Buddy Tate (tenor sax)
Dicky Wells (Trombone)
Tom Gwaltney (clarinet, alto sax)
Danny Bank (baritone sax)
Dick Wellstood (piano)
Milt Hinton (Double Bass)
Oliver Jackson (drums)
Kenny Burrell (electric guitar)

Compositori Jones (Several persons) Kay Swift Buck Clayton

Data di registrazione 2. novembre 1960
3. novembre 1960


Wild Women Don't Have The Blues

Nancy Harrow

Wild Women Don't Have The Blues

Casa discografica CANDID / CCD 9008

Anno di produzione 1992

2. All too soon
4. On the sunny side of the street
5. Wild women don't have the blues
6. I've got the world on a string
7. I don't know what kind of blues i've got
8. Blues for yesterday