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Meet Me With Your Black Dress On

The Blue Flagships

Meet Me With Your Black Dress On


Interpreti Blue Flagships
- Wendelin Salzmann (baritone sax, tenor sax)
- Duke Seidmann (tenor sax)
- Gordon Sax (tenor sax)
- David "Dave" Ruosch (piano)
- Alex Schultz (guitar)
- Daniel "Giggles" Gugolz (Double Bass)
- Peter Müller (drums)
Jimmy "T-99" Nelson (vocals)

Compositori Jimmy "T-99" Nelson Jules Taub

Data di registrazione 14. settembre 2004 - 18. settembre 2004 (live)



Blue Flagships, Christina Elisabeth Jaccard, Jimmy "T-99" Nelson


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Anno di produzione 2005

1. The Hucklebuck
2. La! La! La! Lady
3. Hey Lawdy Mama
4. Don't Blame Shorty For That
5. Roll' em
6. Down For Debbie
7. Castle Rock
8. It Won't Be Long
10. Swing Pheasant
15. Strollin' With Bone
16. Have Horn Will Travel