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After You've Gone

The Streetrats

After You've Gone


Interpreti Street Rats
- Röby "The Rat" Wark (percussion, vocals)
- Daniel Breitenstein (piano)
- Fritz Antino (woodwinds)
- Andreas Zweifel (violin)
- Martin Albrecht (bass)
- Andy David (drums)

Compositori Henry Creamer Turner Layton

Data di registrazione ca 2005


Liberation Of The Rats

Street Rats

Liberation Of The Rats

Casa discografica Stormy Monday Records / MO81184

Anno di produzione 2005

1. The Mardi Gras Song   
2. Count The Days   
3. Liberation Of The Rats   
5. Tu me fais crier   
6. You Make Me Happy   
7. Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu   
9. Just A Gigolo   
10. Here We Go Again   
11. Sing It   
12. Redbeans