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In The Court Of The King

Steppin Stompers

In The Court Of The King


Interpreti Steppin Stompers Dixieland Band
- Hanspeter "Hansi" Rudin (clarinet)
- Louis Bürgi (Trombone)
- André "Bob" Hägler (trumpet)
- Andreas "Andy" Spinnler (banjo)
- Christian "Chrigel" Grieder (Double Bass)
- Werner Thommen (drums)
Mr. Blue Rivers (vocals)
René Hemmig (guitar)

Compositori Traditional

Data di registrazione ca 2005


Just Sitting And Rocking

Steppin Stompers Dixieland Band

Just Sitting And Rocking

Casa discografica Wildstone Records / WR.0109

Anno di produzione 2005

1. Just Sitting And Rocking
2. South
3. Lord, Lord, Lord
4. Carelless Love
6. Beale Street Blues
7. Us-Railways
8. Take This Chains
9. Marina
10. Making Whoopee
11. Fish Seller
12. Lady Be Good
13. Blues For Yesterday