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Why Don't You Do Right

Terry Blaine & Mark Shane

Why Don't You Do Right


Interpreti Terry Blaine (vocals)
Mark Shane (piano)
Ed Polcer (cornet)
Tom Artin (Trombone)
Allan Vaché (tenor sax, clarinet)
Phil Flanigan (bass)
Eddie Metz Jr. (drums)

Compositori Joe McCoy

Data di registrazione 11. ottobre 1997 (live)


With Thee I Swing. With Mark Shane

Terry Blaine, Mark Shane

With Thee I Swing. With Mark Shane

Casa discografica Nagel-Heyer Records / 5009

Anno di produzione 2004

3. I'm Glad There Is You   
4. Harlem On My Mind   
5. I Got Rhythm   
7. It's a Wonderful World   
8. I Don't Know if I'm Comin' or Goin'   
9. Jeepers Creepers   
10. Dream / Dream a Little Dream of Me (Medley)   
11. Getting Some Fun Out of Life   
12. Carolina Shout   
13. They Say That Falling in Love Is Wonderful   
16. Mama Don't Allow