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Swiss Air

Hazy Osterwald

Swiss Air


Interpreti Hazy Osterwald (vibes)
Werner Dies (clarinet)
Curt Prina (piano)
Sunny Lang (Double Bass)
John Ward (drums)
Dennis Armitage (percussion, Percussion)
John Ward (Drums)

Compositori Hazy Osterwald

Data di registrazione 24. settembre 1954


50 Years Of Music With A Touch Of Jazz

Hazy Osterwald, Ernst Höllerhagen Quartet

50 Years Of Music With A Touch Of Jazz

Casa discografica Strictly Jazz / 6260022

Anno di produzione 1994

1. Aba-Daba Honeymoon
2. Twice Lucky
3. Der kleine Jimmy
4. Rag Of Rags
5. Ruby
6. I Know That You Know
7. Just One More Chance
8. How Am I To Know
12. Tide
13. The Eagle
14. Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
15. Don't Blame Me
16. Three Coins In The Fountain