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Jeepers Creepers

Rebecca Kilgore & Dan Barrett' s Celestial Six

Jeepers Creepers


Interpreti Rebecca Kilgore (vocals)
Dan Barrett' s Celestial Six
- Dave Frishberg (piano)
- Bucky Pizzarelli (guitar)
- Dan Barrett (Trombone, trumpet)
- Scott Robinson (reeds)
- Chuck Wilson (alto sax)
- Michael Moore (Double Bass)
Celestial Six
Michael Moore (Double Bass)

Compositori Johnny Mercer Harry Warren

Data di registrazione 13. aprile 1994 - 14. aprile 1994


I Saw Stars

Rebecca Kilgore, Dan Barrett' s Celestial Six

I Saw Stars

Casa discografica Arbors Records, Inc. / ARCD 19136

Anno di produzione 1994

1. Happy As The Day Is Long   
2. Sweet Substitute   
4. For Heaven's Sake   
5. Say It Isn't So   
6. He Needs Me   
8. No Love, No Nothin'   
9. Everything I Have Is Yours   
10. Exactly Like You   
11. A Lonely Coed   
13. A Fine Romance   
14. I'll Be Around   
16. Symphony   
17. Princess