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Please, Close The Door

Charly Antolini Jazz Power

Please, Close The Door


Interpreti Charly Antolini Jazz Power
- Charly Antolini (Drums, drums)
- Steve Hooks (tenor sax)
- Andrey Lobanov (trumpet)
- Marko Djordjevic (trumpet)
- Rocky Knauer (Double Bass, bass)
- Sava Medan (Double Bass, bass)
- David Gazarov (piano)
Charly Antolini's Jazz Power

Compositori Charly Antolini

Data di registrazione 6. agosto 2001 - 7. agosto 2001


Loose & Easy

Charly Antolini Jazz Power, Charly Antolini

Loose & Easy

Casa discografica Skinfire Records / CD-C 01003

Anno di produzione 2002

1. Funk In Deep Freeze
2. Kentucky Crow
4. Sophisticated Lady
5. Loose And Easy
6. Drum Vision
7. Tangerine
9. Whisper Not
11. Did You Call Her Today
13. I Concentrate On You
14. Hollywood Stampede