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Stairway To The Stars

Johnny Hartman & Illinois Jacquet

Stairway To The Stars


Interpreti Johnny Hartman (vocals)
Illinois Jacquet (tenor sax)
Hank Jones (piano)
Milt Hinton (Double Bass)
Elvin Jones (Drums, drums)

Compositori Matty Malneck Frank Signorelli Mitchell Parish

Data di registrazione 17. ottobre 1963


I Just Dropped By To Say Hello

Johnny Hartman

I Just Dropped By To Say Hello

Casa discografica Impulse / IMP 11762

Anno di produzione 1995

1. Charade
2. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
3. A Sleepin' Bee = Sleepin' bee
4. Don't You Know I Care (Or Don't You Care I Know)
5. Kiss And Run
6. If I'm Lucky
7. I Just Dropped By To Say Hello
9. Our Time
11. How Sweet It Is To Be In Love