Dancing In The Funkshine

Grand Mother's Funck, GMF

Dancing In The Funkshine


Interpreti Grand Mother's Funck
Daniel "Bean!" Bohnenblust (alto sax)
Bernhard Bamert (Trombone)
Bernhard Häberlin (guitar)
Andreas Michel (synthesizer)
Stephan Schneider (keyboard)
Pascal Senn (Elektrischer Bass)
Daniel "Booxy" Aebi (drums)

Compositori Grand Mother's Funck

Data di registrazione luglio 1995


Please Baby Please Baby Baby Baby Please

Trudi Lynn, Grand Mother's Funck, Sharon Harris

Please Baby Please Baby Baby Baby Please

Casa discografica Greyboy Records / GBRCD003

Anno di produzione 1996

1. Call me
2. When she said goodbye forever (I was brushing my teeth)
3. Julio's bounce
4. I can hear your body talk
5. Ain't no makin' whoopee anymore
6. Blues for Mr. Harris
8. I don't forget my horn
10. Work is done