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My Old Flame

Arne Domnérus & Bernt Rosengren

My Old Flame


Interpreti Arne Domnérus (alto sax)
Bernt Rosengren (tenor sax)
Jan Lundgren (piano)
Hans Backenroth (Double Bass)
Aage Tanggaard (drums)

Compositori Arthur Johnson

Data di registrazione 27. maggio 1999


Face To Face

Arne Domnérus, Jan Lundgren, Bernt Rosengren

Face To Face

Casa discografica Dragon Records / DRCD 344

Anno di produzione 1999

1. Out of nowhere
2. Body and soul
3. But not for me
4. Star dust
5. That tired old routine called love
6. St. Louis blues
8. I cover the waterfront
9. Lover man
10. Just friends
11. Just one of those things
12. What kind of fool am I
13. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing