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Love On My Mind

Ray Charles & Milt Jackson

Love On My Mind


Interpreti Ray Charles (piano)
Milt Jackson (vibes)
Kenny Burrell (guitar)
Percy Heath (Double Bass)
Art Taylor (drums)

Compositori Ray Charles

Data di registrazione 10. aprile 1958


Soul Brothers/Soul Meeting

Milt Jackson, Ray Charles

Soul Brothers/Soul Meeting

Casa discografica Atlantic / 7567-81951-2

Anno di produzione 1989

Tracks - CD 1
1. How long blues
2. Cosmic Ray
3. The genius after hours
4. Charlesville
5. Bags of blues
6. Deed I do
7. Blue funk
Tracks - CD 2
1. Soul brothers
2. Bag's guitar blues
3. Soul meeting
4. Hallelujah I love her so
5. Blue genius
6. X-Ray blues