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Lullaby Of The Leaves

Lucky Thompson & Dave Pochonet All Stars

Lullaby Of The Leaves


Interpreti Dave Pochonet All Stars
Lucky Thompson (tenor sax)
Charles Verstraete (Trombone)
Michel de Villers (baritone sax)
Martial Solal (piano)
Jean-Pierre Sasson (guitar)
Benoît Quersin (Double Bass)
Dave Pochonet (drums)

Compositori Joe Young Bernice Petkere

Data di registrazione 16. aprile 1956


Jazz In Paris

Dave Pochonet All Stars

Jazz In Paris

Casa discografica Emarcy (Universal) / 016 496-2

Anno di produzione 2001

1. Fascinating blues
2. I should care
3. One for the boys and us
4. Home free
5. Bluebird blues
7. Easy going
8. Let's try again
9. Stewin' up a swing