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If Dreams Come True

John Pizzarelli & George Shearing Quintet

If Dreams Come True


Interpreti John Pizzarelli (Elektrogitarre, vocals, electric guitar)
George Shearing Quintet
- George Shearing (piano)
- Ted Piltzecker (vibes)
- Reg Schwager (acoustic guitar)
- Neil Swainson (Double Bass)
- Dennis Mackrel (Drums, drums)

Compositori Benny Goodman Edgar Sampson Irving Mills

Data di registrazione 16. ottobre 2001 - 18. ottobre 2001


The Rare Delight Of You

John Pizzarelli, George Shearing Quintet

The Rare Delight Of You

Casa discografica Telarc / CD-83546

Anno di produzione 2002

3. Everything Happens To Me
4. Lulu's Back In Town
5. Something To Remember You By
7. Lost April
8. Problem
9. The Rare Delight Of You
10. Shine On Your Shoes
11. Indian Summer
12. Be Careful It's My Heart
13. September In The Rain
14. I Predict (2001)
15. Lucky To Be Me