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Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now

Ruby Braff & New England Songhounds

no cover present


Interpreti Ruby Braff & His New England Songhounds

Compositori Andy Razaf Fats Waller

Data di registrazione ca 1992


The Story Of Us (Music From The Motion Picture)

Eric Clapton, Ruby Braff & His New England Songhounds, Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra, Andrews Sisters, Mason Williams

no cover present

Casa discografica Reprise Records / 9362-47608-2

Anno di produzione 1999

The story of us (Film)
1. Main title / Get lost (I)
2. A spoon is just a spoon
3. The girl in the pith helmet
4. Fighting
5. Empty nest
7. Touching feet under the covers
8. Everything I love is in this bed
9. Dry cleaning / Get lost (I)
10. The sheik of Araby
11. Family bed
12. Busy baby montage
13. Wonderful tonight (Live edit)
14. Silent drive to camp
15. Camp montage
16. Don't sit under the apple tree
17. Epiphany at the bistro
18. I hate the Kirbys
19. Love in Venice
20. Ben takes the apartment
21. Writing montage
22. Pictures on a wall
23. Classical gas
24. Let's go to chow fun