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September In The Rain

Steve Turre feat. Russell Malone

September In The Rain


Interpreti Steve Turre (Trombone)
Russell Malone (guitar)
Kenny Barron (piano)
Buster Williams (Double Bass)
Willie Jones III (drums)

Compositori Harry Warren Al Dubin

Data di registrazione 24. gennaio 2018 (live)


The Very Thought Of You

Steve Turre, String Octet, Russell Malone, George Coleman, Willie III Jones

The Very Thought Of You

Casa discografica Smoke Sessions Records / SSR-1804

Anno di produzione 2018

1. The Very Thought of You
3. No Regrets
4. Carolyn (in the Morning)
5. Never Let Me Go
6. Sachiko
7. Freedom Park, SA
8. The Shadow of Your Smile
9. Time Will Tell
10. Yardbird Suite
11. Danny Boy