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Streets Of Madash

Jack Sheldon Quartet

Streets Of Madash


Interpreti Jack Sheldon Quartet
- Jack Sheldon (trumpet)
- Walter Norris (piano)
- Ralph Peña (Double Bass)
- Gene Gammage (drums)

Compositori Walter Norris

Data di registrazione ca agosto 1954


The Quartet And The Quintet

Jack Sheldon Quintet, Jack Sheldon Quartet, Jack Sheldon Quintet / Memb.

The Quartet And The Quintet

Casa discografica Pacific Jazz / 493160 2

Anno di produzione 1998

1. Contour
4. Cheek To Cheek
6. Get Out Of Town
7. Ah Moore
8. Dozo (Let's Go)
9. Mad About The Boy
10. Toot Sweet
11. Jack Departs
12. What Is There To Say
14. Beach-Wise
15. Palermo Walk
16. Blues
17. Irresistible You
18. Guatemala
19. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You