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Home Town (Thun)

Philipp Fankhauser

Home Town (Thun)


Interpreti Philipp Fankhauser (acoustic guitar, vocals)
Marco Jencarelli (acoustic guitar)
Hendrix Ackle (wurlitzer organ)
Angus Thomas (acoustic bass guitar)
Richard "Doc Spoons" Spooner (drums)
Lesley Bogaert (vocals)
Will G. (vocals)

Compositori Philipp Fankhauser

Data di registrazione 6. settembre 2015 (live)


Unplugged. Live At Mühle Hunziken

Philipp Fankhauser, Margie Evans

Unplugged. Live At Mühle Hunziken

Casa discografica Black Palm Music / 92115000002

Anno di produzione 2016

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