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James 12

James "12" Andrews & Crescent City Allstars

James 12


Interpreti James "12" Andrews (trumpet)
Crescent City Allstars
- West Bank Mike (guitar)
- Scott Jackson (bass guitar)
- Kevin O'Day (drums)
Ken "Afro" Williams (percussion, conga, bongos)

Compositori Unknown

Data di registrazione ca 2007


People Get Ready Now

James "12" Andrews, Crescent City Allstars

People Get Ready Now

Casa discografica Eigenvertrieb / s.n.

Anno di produzione 2007

1. One, Two, What You Gonna Do   
2. Miles Styles   
3. Funky Saints   
4. Who Knows The Town Taker   
5. Sixth Ward Soul   
6. Rumble In The Jungle   
7. If You Ain't Doin' Somethin'   
8. Hasta La Vista   
10. New Orleans Jazz Hall