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I Had The Craziest Dream

Hank Jones & Frank Wess feat. Marion Cowings

I Had The Craziest Dream


Interpreti Hank Jones (piano)
Frank Wess (tenor sax)
Marion Cowings (vocals)
Ilya Lushtak (guitar)
John Webber (Double Bass)
Mickey Roker (drums)

Compositori Mack Gordon Harry Warren

Data di registrazione ca 2009


Hank & Frank II

Hank Jones, Frank Wess

Hank & Frank II

Casa discografica Lineage Records / LIN106

Anno di produzione 2009

1. Sunday   
2. Lord Prepare Me   
3. More Than You Know   
4. If I Were A Bell   
6. When Your Lover Has Gone   
7. Chasing The Bird   
9. Jordu   
10. The First Time I Saw Ella   
11. Quintessence   
12. You Don't Know What Love Is   
13. Stay As Sweet As You Are   
14. For All We Know   
15. I'll Be Seeing You