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Woke Up This Morning

Philipp Fankhauser / The Checkerboard Blues Band

Woke Up This Morning


Interpreti Checkerboard Blues Band
Philipp Fankhauser (vocals, guitar)
George Steinmann (electric guitar)
Stefan Dorner (piano, organ)
Michele Porto (Elektrischer Bass)
Tosho Yakkatokuo (drums)
Daniel Meier (saxophone)
Bernhard "Schugi" Schoch (trumpet)

Compositori Joe Josea B.B. King Daniel Meier Bernhard "Schugi" Schoch Philipp Fankhauser

Data di registrazione 6. gennaio 1991 - 9. gennaio 1991


With A Feeling !

Checkerboard Blues Band

With A Feeling  !

Casa discografica Fun Key / CD 38012

Anno di produzione 1991

1. T. Bone shuffle
2. If Blues can change the world (Blues for Michail Gorbachev)
3. Pride and joy
4. Funny woman Blues
5. Rainy night in Georgia (2nd take)
7. Let the telephone ring
8. Further on up the road
9. Where can a man go from here
10. Mannish boy / I'm a man
11. Rainy night in Georgia (1st take)