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Two And Two Blues

Louis Mazetier & Neville Dickie

Two And Two Blues


Interpreti Louis Mazetier (piano)
Neville Dickie (piano)

Compositori Louis Mazetier Neville Dickie

Data di registrazione 22. maggio 1994 (live)


If Dreams Come True

Louis Mazetier, Neville Dickie

If Dreams Come True

Casa discografica Stomp off Records / STOMP OFF CD 1289

Anno di produzione 1994

1. Freshman Stomp   
2. Of All The Wrongs You´ve Done To Me   
3. Sweet Savannah Sue   
4. Sunday   
5. If Dreams Come True   
6. Francois   
7. You Don´t Understand   
10. Old Fashioned Love   
11. Ain´t Misbehavin´/ Echoes Of Spring/ Overnight   
12. Liza   
13. It´s Been So Long   
14. You Look Good To Me   
15. I´ve Got A Feeling I´m Falling   
16. Jingles   
17. What´s The Use?   
18. California Here I Come