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The Continental

Martin Breinschmid & The Radio Kings

The Continental


Interpreti Martin Breinschmid (vibes)
Herbert Swoboda (clarinet)
Aaron Wonesch (piano)
Wolfgang Wallisch (Double Bass)
Walter Grossrubatscher (drums)

Compositori Con Conrad Herbert Magidson

Data di registrazione 15. luglio 1997


On The Swing Shift

Martin Breinschmid

On The Swing Shift

Casa discografica City Park Records / Jive Music Austria / CIPA-3007-2

Anno di produzione 2008

1. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise   
4. Swanee   
5. Indian Summer   
6. Stealing Apples   
7. Big Noise From Winnetka   
8. All Of Me   
9. Who's Sorry Now   
10. Roses Of Picardy   
11. Flight WMP 22x16 To Singerland City   
12. Good Bye