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Who's Sorry Now

Down Town Stompers Jazzband

Who's Sorry Now


Interpreti Down Town Stompers Jazzband
- Ruedi Jaggi (clarinet)
- Matthias Eschenmoser (Trombone)
- Günter Sellenath (trumpet)
- Paul Markwalder (piano)
- Rolf Widmer (banjo)
- Hansruedi Graf (e-bass)
- Walter Giger (drums)

Compositori Bert Kalmar Ted Snyder Harry Ruby

Data di registrazione ca 2007


Jubilee 1957 - 2007

Down Town Stompers Jazzband, Down Town Stompers Jazzband / Memb.

Jubilee 1957 - 2007

Casa discografica Eigenvertrieb

Anno di produzione 2007

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7. Lazy River
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9. Memphis Blues
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11. Royal Garden Blues
12. When Your Hair