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Be My Baby Tonight

John Pizzarelli Trio

Be My Baby Tonight


Interpreti John Pizzarelli Trio
John Pizzarelli (vocals)
Martin Pizzarelli (Double Bass)
Ray Kennedy (piano)
Joe Cocuzzo (drums)
Bucky Pizzarelli (acoustic guitar)
Harry Allen (tenor sax)
Randy Sandke (trumpet)

Compositori John Pizzarelli

Data di registrazione ca 1995


After Hours

John Pizzarelli Trio, John Pizzarelli Trio / Memb.

After Hours

Casa discografica Novus / 01241 63191 2

Anno di produzione 1995

2. I guess I'll hang my tears out to dry
3. I'll never be the same
4. They can't take that away from me
5. You're lookin' at me
6. Mam'selle
7. But not for me
8. Lullaby
9. In the wee small hours
10. Sometimes I'm happy
11. It might as well be spring
13. Stringbean