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I've Got A Feeling

James Cotton Blues Band feat. Koko Taylor

I've Got A Feeling


Interpreti James Cotton Blues Band
- James Cotton (harmonica)
- Mike Williams (guitar)
- David Maxwell (piano)
- Noel Neal (e-bass)
- Per Hanson (drums)
Koko Taylor (vocals)

Compositori James Cotton

Data di registrazione giugno 2001


35th Anniversary Jam

James Cotton Blues Band, Koko Taylor, Bobby Rush

35th Anniversary Jam

Casa discografica Telarc / CD-83550

Anno di produzione 2002

1. Don't Start Me Talking
2. The Creeper
4. Cotton Crop Blues
6. How Long Can A Fool Go Wrong?
7. Rocket 88
8. Blues In My Sleep
9. River's Invitation
10. All Walks Of Life
11. Hold Me Baby
12. Blues For The Hook