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Black Nightgown

Johnny Mandel & Diva Jazz Orchestra

Black Nightgown


Interpreti Johnny Mandel
Diva Jazz Orchestra
- Sherrie Maricle (drums, leader)
- Sharel Cassity (alto sax)
- Lynn Gruenwald (alto sax, flute)
- Janelle Reichman (tenor sax, clarinet)
- Leigh Pilzer (tenor sax, bass clarinet)
- Lisa Parrott (baritone sax, bass clarinet)
- Tanya Darby (lead trumpet, flugelhorn)
- Jami Dauber (trumpet, flugelhorn)
- Christine Fawson (trumpet, flugelhorn)
- Nadje Noordhuis (trumpet)
- Deborah Weisz (lead trombone)
- Jennifer Krupa (Trombone)
- Sara Jacovino (Trombone)
- Leslie Havens (bass trombone)
- Tomoko Ohno (piano)
- Noriko Ueda (Double Bass)
- Sheryl Bailey (guitar)
- Dida Pelled (guitar)

Compositori Johnny Mandel

Data di registrazione 25. maggio 2010
26. maggio 2010


The Man And His Music

Johnny Mandel, Diva Jazz Orchestra

The Man And His Music

Casa discografica Arbors Records, Inc. / ARCD 19419

Anno di produzione 2011

1. Welcome From Todd Barkan
2. Low Life
4. Close Enough For Love
6. Not Really The Blues
8. Emily
12. What A Little Moonlight Can Do
14. Where Do You Start
16. Ain't Nobody's Business
MASH (Film)
18. Theme From M*A*S*H
20. The Shadow Of Your Smile
22. Cinnamon And Clove
I Want To Live! (Film)
24. The Theme From I Want To Live!
26. TNT