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Please Let The Sun Come Out Again

Mundell Lowe & Hendrik Meurkens

Please Let The Sun Come Out Again


Interpreti Mundell Lowe (Elektrogitarre, electric guitar)
Hendrik Meurkens (harmonica)
Larry Porter (piano)
Pat O'Leary (Double Bass)
Chuck Redd (Drums, drums)

Compositori Chuck Redd

Data di registrazione 18. gennaio 2000


Mundell's Moods

Mundell Lowe, Hendrik Meurkens

Mundell's Moods

Casa discografica Nagel-Heyer Records / N-H CD 065

Anno di produzione 2000

4. Shoreway
6. Seven Steps To Heaven
9. Body And Soul
10. You Say You Care
11. I'll Follow My Secret Heart
12. There Is No Greater Love