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Please Be Kind

Three Tenors Of Swing

Please Be Kind


Interpreti Three Tenors Of Swing
- Frank Roberscheuten (tenor sax, alto sax)
- Antti Sarpila (tenor sax, soprano sax)
- Engelbert Wrobel (clarinet)
Chris Hopkins (piano)
Rolf Marx (guitar)
Ingmar Heller (Double Bass)
Oliver Mewes (drums)

Compositori Saul Chaplin Sammy Cahn Frank Roberscheuten

Data di registrazione 30. maggio 2006


The Three Tenors Of Swing

Three Tenors Of Swing, Antti Sarpila

The Three Tenors Of Swing

Casa discografica Click Records / EW 2006

Anno di produzione 2009

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