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Nancy With The Laughing Face

Stephan Zimmermann

Nancy With The Laughing Face


Interpreti Stephan Zimmermann (trumpet)
Herwig "Henk" Gradischnik (tenor sax)
Andy Scherrer (piano)
Thomas Stabenow (Double Bass)
Mario Gonzi (drums)

Compositori Jimmy van Heusen

Data di registrazione 21. marzo 2008 - 22. marzo 2008


Quiet Time

Stephan Zimmermann, Mario Gonzi

Quiet Time

Casa discografica TCB RECORDS / 29402

Anno di produzione 2009

1. Don't ever go away
3. I'm glad there is you
4. Spring can really hang you up the most
6. Close enough for love
7. Portrait of Jennie
8. Don't ask why
9. You go to my head