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Away From You

Johnny Hodges Quintet

Away From You


Interpreti Johnny Hodges Quintet
- Johnny Hodges (alto sax)
- Lalo Schifrin (piano)
- Barry Galbraith (guitar)
- George Duvivier (Double Bass)
- Dave Bailey (drums)

Compositori Johnny Hodges

Data di registrazione 26. maggio 1963


Buenos Aires Blues / The Eleventh Hour

Johnny Hodges Quintet, Johnny Hodges

Buenos Aires Blues / The Eleventh Hour

Casa discografica LONEHILLJAZZ / LHJ10373

Anno di produzione 2009

1. Mama Knows
3. Dreary Days
10. Something To Live For
11. In A Sentimental Mood
13. Guitar Amour
14. You Blew Out The Flame (In My Heart)
15. Theme From "The Eleventh Hour"
16. Love Song From "Mutiny On The Bounty"
17. Solitude
18. Saint Doll
19. Don't Blame Me
20. Prelude To A Kiss
21. Warm Valley