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Ask Yourself Why

Charito meets Michel Legrand

Ask Yourself Why


Interpreti Charito (vocals)
Michel Legrand (piano)
Alain Brunet (trumpet)
Rémi Vignolo (Double Bass)
Benjamin Henocq (drums)

Compositori Michel Legrand Alan Bergman Marilyn Bergman

Data di registrazione 10. ottobre 2007


Watch What Happens

Charito, Michel Legrand

Watch What Happens

Casa discografica CT Music ( Made in Japan) / DDCJ-1006

Anno di produzione 2008

1. Watch What Happens
2. Summer Me, Winter Me
3. The First Time
4. Pieces Of Dreams
6. How Do You Keep The Music Playing?
8. Quand On S'Aime
13. The Summer Knows