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Straighten Up And Fly Right

Swiss Army Big Band feat. Bonnie Jeanne Taylor

Straighten Up And Fly Right


Interpreti Swiss Army Big Band
- Adrian Pflugshaupt (soprano sax, alto sax, flute)
- Patrick Bianco (alto sax)
- Rafael Baier (tenor sax, flute)
- Marc Schödler (tenor sax)
- Andreas Ambühl (bass sax, clarinet)
- Adrian Eugster (trumpet)
- Roland Schiesser (trumpet)
- Johannes Walter (trumpet)
- Lukas Thöni (trumpet)
- Stefan Schwendener (trumpet)
- Andreas Tschopp (Trombone)
- Gilbert Tinner (Trombone)
- Michael Flury (Trombone)
- Adrian Weber (bass trombone)
- Oliver Friedli (piano)
- Mauro Dassié (guitar)
- Patrick Sommer (Double Bass)
- Tobias Friedli (drums)
Pepe Lienhard (leader)
Bonnie Jeanne Taylor (vocals)

Compositori Nat King Cole Irving Mills Gilbert Tinner

Data di registrazione ca 2004



Swiss Army Big Band, Bonnie Jeanne Taylor, Swing4you!


Casa discografica Amos / CD6012

Anno di produzione 2004

1. St. Louis Blues March
2. Mañana
4. Love For Sale
5. Quintessence
6. Hazy Osterwald Medley
7. In A Mellow Tone
10. Belly Roll (The Boy In The Tree)
11. Hard Sock Dance
13. Fingers
14. Polka Dots And Moonbeams
15. Die Nacht ist ohne Ende