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A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid

Kenny Davern & Ken Peplowski

A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid


Interpreti Kenny Davern (clarinet)
Ken Peplowski (alto sax)
Howard Alden (guitar)
John Bunch (piano)
Greg Cohen (bass)
Tony DeNicola (drums)

Compositori Andy Razaf James P. Johnson

Data di registrazione 12. ottobre 2000


The New KENnection

Kenny Davern, Ken Peplowski

The New KENnection

Casa discografica Arbors Records, Inc. / ARCD 19246

Anno di produzione 2001

1. I'm Satisfied With My Gal   
2. Mama's Gone, Goodbye   
4. Georgia on My Mind   
5. Careless Love   
6. Creole Love Call   
8. All of Me