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Frank Bey

nato il 17.1.1946 a Millen, Georgia, Stati Uniti d'America

morto il 7.6.2020 a Glenolden, Pennsylvania, Stati Uniti d'America

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Frank Bey

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Frank Bey is an American blues singer, who grew up in Millen, Georgia, the son of gospel singer Maggie Jordan. Bey toured with the Otis Redding Review in the 1960s and later with Archie Jenkins & The Incredible Saxons.

He rejoined the music industry in 1996. He has been performing in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area. His performances include yearly appearances at the Cape May Jazz Festival. His debut album, which premiered in 1998 was entitled Steppin' Out. In 2000, he released a single, "I Wanna See You Soon."

Bey's latest album was released in September 2007. Blues in the Pocket was released by Jeffhouse Records, named by one of the record producers, Jeff Monjack, who was also the guitarist. The album also featured Kevin Frieson on bass guitar.

Bey's current band includes Joe Blong on bass, Joe Novak on guitar, Thomas Jefferson (TJ) on drums, Sam Reed on tenor sax, Kenny Taylor on trumpet, and Kenny Kirby on keyboards.

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