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Len Skeat

nato il 9.2.1937 a London, England, Gran Bretagna

morto il 9.3.2021

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Len Skeat

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Len Skeat (born 9 February 1937[1]) is an English jazz double-bassist born in east London, perhaps best known for his work with the Ted Heath band and younger brother of Bill Skeat (saxes).

During the 1970s he was highly in demand and thus almost resident at the Pizza Express and Pizza On The Park Jazz Clubs in London, where he played with 'everybody and was also a member of the trumpet, guitars and bass quartet known as Velvet.

Skeat has recorded with some prominent jazz artists, such as Mel Tormé, Ben Webster, Billy Eckstine, Lionel Hampton, Scott Hamilton, Helen Merrill, Lou Rawls, Harry Edison, Denny Wright, Digby Fairweather, Spike Robinson, Eddie Lockjaw Davis, Stéphane Grappelli,[1] Dick Morrissey, Charly Antolini, Bill Watrous[1] and Randy Sandke. He was also a member of the Eddie Thompson Trio and Charly Antolini's Jazz Power.


with Bill Watrous

  • 1982: Bill Watrous in London

with Spike Robinson:

  • 1984: Spike Robinson - Eddie Thompson Trio / At Chesters Volumes 1 & 2 (Hep Records)
  • 1986: In Town with Elaine Delmar (Hep Records)
  • 1987: The Gershwin Collection (Hep Records)

with Charly Antolini Jazz Power:

  • 1989: Cookin' (L+R Records)
  • 1990: Charly Antolini Meets Dick Morrissey
  • 1993: Right-On (Bell Records)


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