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Curtis Lundy

nato il 1.10.1955 a Miami, FL, Stati Uniti d'America

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Curtis Lundy

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Curtis Lundy

Curtis Lundy (born October 1, 1955) is an American double bass player, composer, producer, choir director and arranger. Lundy is best known for his work as part of jazz vocalist Betty Carter's band,[1] through whose ranks several eventually renowned musicians passed.

Lundy has also played on other jazz artists' recordings, including albums by John Hicks, Bobby Watson, the Steve Nelson Quintet and Johnny Griffin. In the late 1980s, he briefly stepped out of the background and issued Just Be Yourself (1988). A decade later, with Justin Time Records, he released Against All Odds (1999) and Purpose (2002). Both albums feature pianists Hicks and Anthony Wonsey.

Lundy's arrangement of "Walk With Me", recorded by the ARC Gospel Choir, was sampled by rapper Kanye West and became the Grammy Award Winning hit "Jesus Walks".

Curtis Lundy is the brother of jazz vocalist Carmen Lundy.


Year Title Genre Label
2002 Purpose Jazz Justin Time
1999 Against All Odds Jazz Justin Time
1998 Project Jazz Sound Hills
1988 Just Be Yourself Jazz Evidence
1983 Beatitudes Jazz Evidence


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