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Don Friedman

Don Friedman - ©

nato il 4.5.1935 a San Francisco, CA, Stati Uniti d'America

morto il 30.6.2016 a Bronx, NY, Stati Uniti d'America

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Don Friedman

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Don Friedman

Donald Ernest Friedman (born May 4, 1935 in San Francisco California), better known as Don Friedman, is a jazz pianist. On the West Coast, he performed with Dexter Gordon, Chet Baker, Buddy DeFranco and Ornette Coleman, among others, before moving to New York. There, he led his own trio in addition to playing in Pepper Adams's, Booker Little's and Jimmy Giuffre's bands in the sixties. He was also a part of Clark Terry's big band. He currently works in New York as a pianist and jazz educator.[1] He has many fans in Japan, and has toured the country.[2]


As leader

  • A Day in the City (Riverside, 1961)
  • Circle Waltz (Riverside, 1962)
  • Flashback (Riverside, 1963)
  • Dreams and Explorations (Riverside, 1964)
  • Metamorphosis (Prestige, 1966)
  • Hope for Tomorrow (East Wind, 1975)
  • Hot Knepper and Pepper (Progressive, 1978)
  • I Hear a Rhapsody (Stash, 1984)
  • Don Friedman at Maybeck (Concord, 1993)
  • Invitation (Progressive, 1994)
  • Opus D'Amour (Sackville, 1994) - with Don Thompson
  • Thingin' (Hat Art, 1996) - with Lee Konitz and Attila Zoller
  • Hot House (Chiaroscuro, 2004)
  • Piano Works VI (ACT, 2006)

As sideman

With Joe Henderson

  • Tetragon (Milestone, 1968)

With Elvin Jones

  • And Then Again (Atlantic, 1965)

With Don Lanphere

  • Into Somewhere (Hep, 1983)

With Booker Little

  • Out Front (Candid, 1961)
  • Booker Little and Friend (Bethlehem, 1961)

With Charles Lloyd

  • Discovery! (Columbia, 1964)

With Clark Terry

  • It's What's Happenin' (Impulse!, 1967)
  • Live on QE2 (Chiaroscuro, 2001)

"'With Herbie Mann"

  • "Herbie Mann Live at Newport" (Atlantic 1963)


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