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Tani Tabbal

nato il 16.1.1954 a Chicago, IL, Stati Uniti d'America

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Tani Tabbal

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Tani Tabbal is a jazz drummer.


By age fourteen Tabbal was playing professionally, performing with Oscar Brown Jr. In his teens he also performed with Phil Cohran and the Sun Ra Arkestra.

Tabbal has recorded, performed and toured with a wide range of musicians, including Roscoe Mitchell, Anthony Braxton, Oliver Lake, Muhal Richard Abrams, Henry Threadgill, Richard Davis, David Murray, James Carter, Geri Allen, Karl Berger, Evan Parker, Leroy Jenkins, Milt Jackson, Jackie McLean, Dewey Redman and Cassandra Wilson.

He was also an integral part of the rhythm section of Detroit group Griot Galaxy, along with bassist Jaribu Shahid. In addition, he was in the percussion ensemble Pieces of Time along with Andrew Cyrille, Famoudou Don Moye, and Obo Addy.

In 2001 he was successfully treated for a brain tumour.[1]

In 2007, Tani released a solo percussion CD, titled Before Time After.


  • Roscoe Mitchell
    • Far Side / The Note Factory - (ECM)
    • Turn - (Rogue Art)
    • Composition/Improvisation Nos. 1,2&3 /Transatlantic Art Ensemble - (ECM)
    • The Bad Guys: Live in Fano - (Around Jazz)
    • Nine To Get Ready - (ECM)
    • This Dance Is for Steve McCall - (Black Saint)
    • Live at the Knitting Factory (Black Saint)
    • Sound Ensemble Live in Detroit - (Cecma Records)
    • 3 x 4 Eye - (Black Saint)
    • Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound and Space Ensembles - (Black Saint)
    • More Cut-Outs - (Cecma Records)
    • Snurdy Mc Gurdy & Her Dancin Shoes - (Nessa)
  • James Carter Quartet
    • In Carterian Fashion - (Atlantic)
    • Conversin¹ With The Elders - (Atlantic)
    • The Quiet Storm - (Atlantic)
    • Jurassic Classics - (DIW)
    • J.C. On The Set - (DIW)
  • David Murray
    • Picasso - (DIW)
    • South of the Border - (DIW)
    • David Murray Big Band - (DIW )
    • Remembrances - (DIW)
  • Rod Williams
    • Destiny Express - (Muse Records)
    • Hanging In The Balance - (Muse Records)
  • Craig Taborn Trio
    • The Craig Taborn Trio - (DIW)
  • Barefield Holland Tabbal Trio
    • Live at Nickelsdorf - (Sound Aspects)
    • Transdimensional Space Window (Geodesic)
  • Sun Ra Arkestra
    • Dual Change - (Saturn Records)
    • Somewhere Else - (Rounder)
  • Geri Allen
    • Maroons - (Blue Note)
    • Twylight - (Verve)
    • In the Middle - (Minor Music)
  • Griot Galaxy
    • Live at the D.I.A. (Entropy)
    • Opus Krampus - (Sound Aspect)
    • Kins - (Black and White)
  • Steve Coleman / Greg Osby - Strata Institute
    • Cipher Syntax - (Bamboo)
  • Karl Berger
    • Stillpoint - (Double Moon Records)
  • Joe Giardullo
    • Now Is - (Drimala Records)
    • Shadow and Light - (Drimila Records)
  • John Menegon
    • Search Light featuring Dewey Redman - (Jazz in the Mountains)
    • Soul Advice (Jazz in the Mountains)
  • Hugh Ragin
    • Feel The Sunshine - (Justin Time Records)
  • Leroy Jenkins
    • The New Chamber Jazz Quintet - (Geodesic)
  • Douglas Ewart
    • Ewart/Barefield/Tabbal Trio - (Geodesic)
  • Ray Spiegel
    • Raga Jazz Ray Spiegel Ensemble - (Simla House)
  • JazzHopRevolution John Lindberg, Rahman Jamaal, Tani Tabbal
    • Tha Sound of Truth - (Planet Arts)


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