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Marty Ehrlich

Marty Ehrlich

nato il 31.5.1955 a St. Paul, MN, Stati Uniti d'America

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Marty Ehrlich

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Marty Ehrlich

Marty Ehrlich (born May 31, 1955) is a multi-instrumentalist (saxophones, clarinets, flutes) and is considered one of the leading figures in experimental or avant-garde jazz.


Though born in St. Paul, Minnesota, the portion of Ehrlich's youth spent in St. Louis, Missouri, was particularly important. As a high school student at University City High School in St. Louis, the teenager came into contact with the influential Black Artists' Group (BAG, 196872) which was modelled after the AACM in Chicago.

Later, during formal studies at the New England Conservatory, Ehrlich developed a particularly close relationship with pianist Jaki Byard. It was here that he was most deeply schooled in traditional jazz forms, as well as Western European classical music. During these formative years, Ehrlich was exposed to the cultural, political and musical workings of radical African-American art, and was mentored by such legends as Julius Hemphill and Oliver Lake. Often associated with "Radical Jewish Culture" and cult icon John Zorn, Ehrlich has throughout the years nevertheless resisted classification under any single musical genre. He has, for instance, been a mainstay of trumpeter Randy Sandke's Inside Out ensemble, which offers a unique combination of avant-garde–associated figures and mainstreamers.

Since his 1978 move to New York, Ehrlich has been a performer and leader with numerous bands of legendary repute, as well as a soloist for a number of major orchestras. But perhaps his most important recent contribution to the story of Jazz and improvised musics, The Long View, was completed at a residency in Harvard. The composition (scored for an ensemble of both strings and horns) is inspired from abstract paintings by Oliver Jackson, and has been hailed as "one of a handful of integral long-form works in jazz, standing beside those of the likes of Hemphill, Mingus, and Ellington" (Boston Phoenix).

Ehrlich currently lives in New York City, commuting to teach at Hampshire College, and devoting much energy to his duo with pianist Myra Melford, and trio with Mark Dresser (contrabass) and Andrew Cyrille (drums).


As leader

  • The Welcome with Anthony Cox, Pheeroan akLaff, 1984
  • Pliant Pliant with Stan Strickland, Anthony Cox, Bobby Previte, 1996
  • Falling Man (Muse) Duo with Anthony Cox, 1989
  • The Traveller's Tale with Stan Strickland, Lindsey Horner, Bobby Previte, 1990
  • Side by Side with Frank Lacy, Wayne Horvitz, Anthony Cox, Andrew Cyrille, 1991
  • Emergency Peace with Abdul Wadud, Muhal Richard Abrams, Lindsey Horner, 1991
  • Can You Hear a Motion? with Stan Strickland, Michael Formanek, Bobby Previte, 1994
  • Just Before the Dawn with Vincent Chancey, Erik Friedlander, Mark Helias, Don Alias, 1995
  • New York Child with Stan Strickland, Michael Cain, Michael Formanek, Bill Stewart, 1996
  • Light at the Crossroads with Ben Goldberg, 1996
  • Live Wood with Erik Friedlander, Mark Helias, 1997
  • Sojourn with Erik Friedlander, Mark Helias, Marc Ribot, 1999
  • Malinke's Dance with Tony Malaby, Jerome Harris, Bobby Previte, 2000, OmniTone
  • Song with Uri Caine, Michael Formanek, Billy Drummond, Ray Anderson, 2001
  • The Long View, 2002
  • Line on Love with Craig Taborn, Michael Formanek, Billy Drummond, 2003
  • News on the Rail, 2005
  • Things Have Got to Change, 2009
  • Fables, 2010
  • Frog Leg Logic, 2011
  • A Trumpet in the Morning, 2013

As sideman

With Anthony Coleman

  • Lapidation (New World, 2007)

With Leroy Jenkins

  • Mixed Quintet (Black Saint, 1979)

With John Lindberg

  • Dimension 5 (Black Saint, 1981)

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