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Avery Parrish

nato il 24.1.1917 a Birmingham , AL, Stati Uniti d'America

morto il 10.12.1959 a New York City, NY, Stati Uniti d'America

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Avery Parrish

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Avery Parrish (January 24, 1917, Birmingham, Alabama - December 1, 1959) was an American jazz pianist and songwriter.

Parrish studied at the Alabama State Teachers College, where he played in the Bama State Collegians, an ensemble led by Erskine Hawkins. He remained in Hawkins's employ until 1941 and recorded with him extensively. He wrote the music to "After Hours", and a 1940 recording of the tune with Hawkins's orchestra resulted in its becoming a jazz standard.

Parrish left Hawkins in 1941 and moved to California. He was involved in a bar fight in 1942 which left him paralyzed at age 24; he was unable to play music for the rest of his life. He worked outside of music until his death in 1959 of unknown causes.

In 1979, Parrish was inducted into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame.


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