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Josh Dion

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Josh Dion

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Josh Dion is a "singing drummer" who made his first impression in New York in February 2004 at the The Blue Note with, among others, guitar master Chuck Loeb, saxophonist Kim Waters and Will Lee. Before that, he toured the country with jazz funk quartet ulu from 2003-2004 and played drums on their fourth record, entitled "Nerve."

Josh accepted an endorsement deal from Yamaha Drums. In 2004 Josh decided to start The Josh Dion Band with several longtime friends who studied with him at William Paterson University in New Jersey. They have three albums released: "Give Love", "Live!" and "Anthems For The Long Distance". The Josh Dion Band is currently touring the East Coast in the United States.

The Josh Dion Band caught the eye of Monterey International; it is because of this the band had the chance to play with Los Lonely Boys, Eric Johnson and many others.

Josh was recently involved with the New Jersey Rock n Soul Review, a musical tribute directed by singer/guitarist Bob Bandiera.

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