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Cecil Brooks III

Cecil Brooks III

nato il 16.8.1961 a Pittsburgh, PA, Stati Uniti d'America

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Cecil Brooks III

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Cecil Brooks III is an American jazz drummer who has worked with, among others, Marvin Peterson, Andrew Hill, Arthur Blythe, Russell Gunn, Etta Jones and Jimmy Ponder. [1]

A native of the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Brooks released a number of albums for Muse Records and then Savant Records.[2][3]

He currently owns and operates a jazz club in West Orange, New Jersey called "Cecil's".[4]


As leader

  • The Collective with Geri Allen, Greg Osby, Lonnie Plaxico, Gary Thomas (Muse, 1989)
  • Hangin' with Smooth with Justin Robinson, Kenny Davis, Craig Handy, Benny Green, Philip Harper, Peter Washington (Muse, 1990)
  • Neck Peckin' Jammie with Robinson, Handy, Geoff Keezer, Christian McBride, Terell Stafford (Muse, 1993)
  • Smokin' Jazz with Plaxico, Stephen Scott, Antonio Hart, Jack Walrath, Ravi Coltrane (Muse, 1993)
  • For Those Who Love to Groove with Don Braden, Bruce Williams, Radam Schwartz, Riley Mullins (Savant, 1999)
  • Our Mister Brooks (Compilation on 32 Jazz, 2000)
  • Double Exposure with Gene Ludwig (Savant, 2000)
  • Live at Sweet Basil with John Hicks, Don Braden, Dwayne Dolphin, Riley Mullins (Savant, 2000)
  • Hot D.O.G. with Kyle Koehler, Mark Chertkoff (Savant, 2008)

As sideman

With Andrew Hill

  • But Not Farewell (1990)


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