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Alvin Chea

nato 1967 a San Francisco, CA, Stati Uniti d'America

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Alvin Chea

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Alvin Chea
Born November 2, 1967

(Life At a glance) Alvin "Vinnie" Chea was born in 1967 and was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. A product of Christian Education, Chea attended Seventh-day Adventist schools up through 1989 where Mr. Chea earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oakwood University, double-majoring in English and Communications. But it was while studying there, that he met 5 young men who would change his life. From those humble beginnings, where rehearsing in campus restrooms was sometimes the norm, the singing group later known as Take 6, would become the most winning Vocal group in Grammy History, with a record 8 trophies and 19 nominations. During his 25+ year career, Chea has either met or worked with virtually every major Gospel, R&B or Contemporary Jazz Artists in ShowBiz today. His singing & speaking voice has been featured in hundreds of movie soundtracks and music recordings. From his early days of working in radio, WOCG-FM, Alvin has now added successful Voice-Over Artist, who can be heard on countless TV & Radio spots including Movie Trailers. Most iconically, Alvin voices the Bass line for Chili's TV campaign, "I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back ribs." He was the first voice heard after Michael's on M.J's last single "This is It," and the only non-"Jackson" to record on that song. Finally, Alvin & 4 other amazing L.A. Session Singers (Tim Davis, Elin Carlson, Gerald White and Cindy Borquin) add the Vocal Underscore to Fox's Hit show "Glee". The Swingle singers are often miscredited with this. It was while touring the world with Take 6, that he began extensively using his journalistic skills. Alvin began sharing glimpses of life on the road in a monthly blog featured on That blog, BassLines, garnered such a cult following, that in 2005 BassLines the book was published. BassLines, received glowing reviews from such industry icons as Bill Cosby, Yolanda King, Quincy Jones and CeCe Winans and also helped to launch Take 6 Entertainments new Books division. Alvin plans to follow up BassLines with Mo' BassLines. In their nearly 25 + year career, Take 6 has garnered several other venerated music industry honors; among them the Christian Music Industrys Dove Awards, NAACP Image Awards, and Gospel Musics Stellar Awards. Of Alvins many cherished memories, one of his proudest with Take 6 came at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, when they sang along with Stevie Wonder in front of a Television Crowd of several million, on the night of Barack Obamas historic Democratic Nomination for President. In his free time, Chea is pursuing a Juris Doctorate in Entertainment law, with the aim of one day becoming an advocate for young artists in the entertainment industry.

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