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Tommy Turrentine

Tommy Turrentine

nato il 22.4.1928 a Pittsburgh, PA, Stati Uniti d'America

morto il 15.5.1997 a New York City, NY, Stati Uniti d'America

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Tommy Turrentine

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Thomas Walter Turrentine, Jr. (April 22, 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania May 15, 1997) was a swing and hard bop trumpeter of the 1940s to 1960s, the older brother of saxophonist Stanley Turrentine.[1]


He played in the bands of Benny Carter, Earl Bostic, Charles Mingus, Billy Eckstine, Dizzy Gillespie, and Count Basie. He later recorded with Sonny Clark, Lou Donaldson, and his brother's bands. His working relationship with Max Roach was spawned in part when he joined the Max Roach Quintet in the late 1950s following the death of Clifford Brown.

While his brother had a successful career and recorded a number of albums over his lifetime, Tommy only recorded one album under his name before retiring in the 1960s. In the 1970s he lived on the ground floor of a brownstone with his wife Jane on West 82nd Street in New York City, a street which during that period had a number of jazz luminaries living along its blocks between Broadway and Central Park, including Tommy Flanagan and Pharoah Sanders. In the summer of 1979 Turrentine was one of several star trumpeters (including John Faddis and others) who appeared at the Village Gate for an all-star tribute to Blue Mitchell. Turrentine was also adept on the piano at chord blockings and was a compositional exponent of Thelonious Monk's earlier chordal voicings. His bebop compositions combined a sophisticated and emotional fusion and poignant lyricism reminiscent of Benny Golson and with the passionate, spirited influence of the Brown/Roach Quintet.


As leader

  • 1960: Tommy Turrentine (Bainbridge Records) - with Stanley Turrentine, trombonist Julian Priester, bassist Bob Boswell, drummer Max Roach, pianist Horace Parlan[2]

As sideman

With Ahmed Abdul-Malik

  • The Music of Ahmed Abdul-Malik (New Jazz, 1961)
  • Sounds of Africa (New Jazz, 1961)

With Sonny Clark

  • Leapin' and Lopin' (1961)

With Lou Donaldson

  • The Natural Soul (1962)
  • Signifyin' (1963)

With Booker Ervin

  • The Book Cooks (1960)

With Dexter Gordon

  • Landslide (1961)

With Abbey Lincoln

  • Abbey Is Blue (Riverside, 1959)

With Jackie McLean

  • A Fickle Sonance (Blue note, 1961)

With Horace Parlan

  • Speakin' My Piece (Blue Note, 1960)

With John Patton

  • Blue John (Blue Note, 1963)

With Max Roach

  • Quiet as It's Kept (Mercury, 1959)
  • Moon Faced and Starry Eyed (Mercury, 1959)
  • Long as You're Living (Enja, 1960 [1984])
  • Parisian Sketches (Mercury, 1960)

With Archie Shepp

  • Mama Too Tight (Impulse!, 1966)

With Sun Ra

  • Blue Delight (A&M, 1989)

With Stanley Turrentine

  • Comin' Your Way (1961)
  • Jubilee Shout!!! (1962)
  • Man With the Sad Face (1976)
  • A Bluish Bag (2007)


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