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Ralph Sharon

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Ralph Sharon

Ralph Sharon (born September 17, 1923) is a jazz pianist.


Born in London, he emigrated to America in 1953, becoming a U.S. citizen five years later.

By 1958, Ralph Sharon was recording with Tony Bennett, the start of a more than 50 year working relationship as Bennett's man behind the music on many Grammy winning studio recordings, and touring with Bennett for many years.

Ralph Sharon continues to perform. He and the Ralph Sharon Trio perform frequently at Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge in Denver, Colorado.

Selection of recordings with Tony Bennett

  • 1986 The Art of Excellence
  • 1987 Bennett/Berlin
  • 1989 Astoria: Portrait of the Artist
  • 1992 Perfectly Frank
  • 1993 Steppin' Out
  • 1994 MTV Unplugged: Tony Bennett (Live)
  • 1995 Here's To The Ladies
  • 1997 Tony Bennett on Holiday
  • 1998 Tony Bennett: The Playground
  • 1999 Bennett Sings Ellington: Hot & Cool
  • 2001 Playing with my friends: Bennett Sings The Blues

Solo recordings

  • 1953 Autumn Leaves And Spring Fever
  • 1954 Easy Jazz (As The Ralph Sharon All-Star Sextet)
  • 1956 The Ralph Sharon Trio (As The Ralph Sharon Trio)
  • 1956 Mr. And Mrs. Jazz (With Sue Sharon)
  • 1957 Around The World In Jazz (As The Ralph Sharon Sextet)
  • 1958 2:38 A.M.
  • 1963 Modern Innovations In Country And Western Music
  • 1964 Do I Hear A Waltz? (As The Ralph Sharon Trio)
  • 1965 The Tony Bennett Songbook (As The Ralph Sharon Trio)
  • 1995 Swings The Sammy Kahn Songbook (As The Ralph Sharon Trio)
  • 1996 Portrait Of Harold: The Harold Arlen Songbook (As The Ralph Sharon Trio)
  • 1997 Plays The Harry Warren Songbook (As The Ralph Sharon Trio)
  • 1999 Plays The Frank Loesser Songbook (As The Ralph Sharon Trio)
  • 2000 The Magic Of Cole Porter (As The Ralph Sharon Trio)
  • 2001 The Magic Of Jerome Kern (As The Ralph Sharon Trio)
  • 2001 The Magic Of Irving Berlin (As The Ralph Sharon Trio)
  • 2001 The Magic Of George Gershwin (As The Ralph Sharon Trio)
  • 2001 Plays The Ralph Blane Songbook (As The Ralph Sharon Quartet)
  • 2007 Always: The Music Of Irving Berlin


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